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Dear IMPACT supporters, graduates, and future graduates,

It seems like we are living in a dystopic movie plot for which the ending has not been written. Our need for assertive boundary-setting is even higher today than ever before! We have designed a NEW ONLINE COURSE to help you navigate the “new normal” as it is today!

In this class you will learn and practice to set boundaries with strangers when you go out to do your essential job, go grocery shopping, or even just out for a walk. You will also learn and practice to set boundaries with the people in your shelter at home situation.

Our classes have always provided peace of mind and practical safety tools to countless students over the years. We know how important your safety is, and that is why we are working hard to develop several online courses to meet your safety needs.

Personal safety and self-defense is just as relevant now as it has ever been.  The 6 feet of social distance guideline is the same that IMPACT has always taught during our boundary setting instruction where we explain keeping 2 arms lengths between you and a possible assailant. The dynamics of the world have changed and people are having to reassess complete aspects of their lives. Awareness and trusting your intuition are a big part of that and the need to be prepared to handle scared, frustrated, or angry people while out handling essential tasks in public is a reality.

These classes will have the same high quality and teach the student-focused methods you’ve come to expect from IMPACT. They will allow students to learn and practice verbal strategies, boundary setting, basic physical movement, and other interactions with the instructors via live video.

We look forward to continuing to be your source for essential personal safety and self-defense education.

Lisa Gaeta, Founder & CEO


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