Corporate Testimonials

“The IMPACT training brings many gifts the most profound of which is the permanent visible, quantifiable change that graduates experience. It comes from learning – deep in their cells – that no creature in nature is defenseless . . . Their sensitive and appropriate manner are unparalleled by any self-defense training organization I have encountered.”

– Gavin de Becker, Best selling author, The Gift of Fear and Protecting the Gift

“It is important for people who have not had a sense of themselves as being psychologically powerful to feel confident that they can protect themselves. When a person has completed the IMPACT Personal Safety program the confidence that they exude to the world makes them less likely to be viewed as a victim.”

– Dr. Warren Gayten, Director of Psychology, Los Angeles Police Department

“Year after year this informative program has been a top-rated seminar offered at our yearly conference. Everyone leaves feeling empowered and better able to handle life’s more challenging situations.”

– Gary Pillarsdorf, American Trial Lawyers Association

“PepsiCo Health Enhancement program has sponsored the Impact Personal Safety program for the past three years. The employees get tremendous confidence from knowing they have safety options and skills. It is the perfect employee benefit.”

– Frank Locastro, Director, PepsiCo Health Enhancement Program

“Nordstrom Loss Prevention has been using IMPACT Basic and Advanced workshops as part of its training program in Southern California since 1995. The life skills taught in the workshops are not only applicable on the job, but in everyday life as well…The value of the gift of safety and well-being to employees is immeasurable.”

– Jana Sulley Nordstrom, Loss Prevention

“One of the best features of the IMPACT programs is that kids are coached in recognizing and confronting inappropriate conduct—sometimes from adults they already know. They’re taught that they will be believed if they report such an incident and that other adults are on their side.”

– “Instruction Power Play”, New York Magazine

“Designed with the guidance of child psychologists and therapists,
IMPACT classes focus on instilling in children a healthy sense of boundaries, a respect for their own bodies and physical space through role playing which teaches them verbal skills, physical awareness, and avoidance techniques.”

– “Being Prepared is the Best Defense”, New York Family