Independent Schools

The Department of Justice reports that females ages 12 to 24 are at the greatest risk for experiencing rape or sexual assault. IMPACT protects teens and young women with our independent school program. At a time when even confident girls falter in their esteem as they seek to define their identities as women, we give them a new source of confidence: their own personal power and value. We are proud to say that our school programs continue to grow in scope and number of participating schools.

The IMPACT independent school program has been offered in Los Angeles independent schools for over a decade. We pioneered the program at Marlborough School in 1993. Marymount High School joined us two years later. We are currently developing a program for Crossroads School.

Additionally, we have a new public school training program designed to meet the educational standards of the new self-defense as offering laws in California.

Our school programs are designed to suit any group’s needs. There are many types of schedules available from intensive one-day workshops of three to six hours of instruction to a full semester of curriculum-based programming offered through physical education or health education departments.

For information on bringing IMPACT into your child’s school, please contact us.

Corporate Workshops

Our corporate workshops are not just sitting and talking, but active and hands-on adrenaline management not only for all job skills, but also for safer lives. For companies with employees in the field, IMPACT workshops are critical. Our corporate workshops address the following:

Team Leadership: giving clear direction, creating communication protocols, coaching and mentoring skills, evaluations/giving and getting feedback, recognizing complementary skill sets a situation and make quick and appropriate responses
Personal Leadership: presentation skills, creative problem-solving, improving performance during stress and crisis
Health and Safety: safety while traveling, boundaries and limits, recognizing progressive stages of violence, trusting instincts
Sexual Harassment: definitions, preventions, interventions, reporting
Professional Development: dealing with stress and crisis, building peer support systems, enhancing group cohesion, recognizing and building on personal strengths, leadership skills
Communication Skills: handling difficult customers and vendors, handling tension with supervisors and colleagues, setting boundaries and limits

Please contact us to schedule a workshop for your business.



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