In our flagship 16-hour course, you will learn verbal and physical defense tactics for a wide range of real-life scenarios including dealing with strangers and people you know. You’ll also work on awareness skills, avoidance and target denial skills and learn about the key role intuition plays in your safety. Our adrenaline-state training and layered teaching style ensures that your body will absorb the techniques and they’ll be with you for life. This class is for anyone regardless of age, fitness level or physical limitations. We work around existing injuries and disabilities to find what works best for your body.

Despite all the amazing physical skills you’ll gain, the best thing you’ll gain is the ability to not fight, but to see trouble coming and avoid it, to talk your way out of sticky situations – with strangers or people you know, and keep your grace under pressure.

Basics is four 4-hour sessions over four weeks. Basics Intensive is four 4-hour sessions over two weekends (Saturday and Sunday).


$495 for students/teens
$495 each if you sign up with a friend
$300 repeaters and staff

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