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Join the IMPACT Personal Safety Alumnae Association!

As an IMPACT graduate we believe you now have the skills to never become a statistic, to keep yourself safe and to ask for what you want from life. As you know, the general numbers say that one in three women will be assaulted in her lifetime. Over the years, our studies show that for our graduates that number drops to one in thirty and that one reports her success back to us to inspire others.

So what about that other one in three? The IMPACT Alumnae Association is your chance to give back and help a woman who can’t afford this invaluable training. Choose the best yearly membership donation rate for you:

Granuaile Level: $20 helps support a scholarship for a woman in need. You get one of our bracelets (‘I kick like a girl,’ or ‘Fighting Spirit’) and a certificate for our Intro Workshop so you share IMPACT with a friend.

Boudica Level: $50 helps support a scholarship, gets the Intro Certificate and invites you to a special Fight Night just for association members.

Artemis Level: $100 helps support a scholarship, gets the Intro Certificate, invites you to the Fight Night and gets you a copy of Gavin de Becker’s “Gift of Fear.”

Gaia Level: $500 and over funds a full scholarship, gets the Intro Certificate, invites you to the Fight Night, gets you “Gift of Fear,” and an IMPACT T-shirt and bracelet combo.

All Alumnae Association members will be starred as such on our Donors page as well.

About Our Level Names

Granuaile/Grace O’Malley was was Queen of Umaill, chieftain of the Ó Máille clan and a pirate in 16th century Ireland

Boudica/Boadicea was queen of the British Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire

Artemis/Diana was a venerated Greek/Roman deity, goddess of the hunt and protector of young girls

Gaia was the ancient Greek deity mother of all creation