IMPACT Personal Safety is a nonprofit organization which appreciates financial support from the community. Donations are tax-deductible. Supporting IMPACT Safety is more than check-writing—it’s an investment in our community. Your efforts will make a difference.

You can donate now by following this link to our PayPal donation page.

General donations are used for many things supporting our mission:

• Help us print new fliers: $125
• Video camera for instructors: $150/ea
• Provide mats for new locations: $300/ea
• Sponsor one of our bi-monthly staff trainings: $300
• A complete equipment bag for a Lead Instructor: $300
• Sponsor a Fight Night: $800
• A new helmet for a Suited Instructor: $650
• Sponsor a Workshop for a domestic violence shelter: $1,185
• A complete suit of armor: $2,000
• Sponsor a complete Basics for at-risk teens: $7,000

Our Scholarship Fund
Your donations to our scholarship fund help women like Maria who came to us after a harrowing history rife with assault and rape. She was already working to help young women avoid experiences like hers and had made great strides. Her trauma therapist “recommended I do [the IMPACT training] because I am still living in fear.”

Maria told us she was seeking a scholarship because “I know that this course will change my life. Help me utter the word NO and maybe I won’t be so afraid all of the time. I am “strong” but I FREEZE at the drop of a hat. I know this will help me push through the terror and find my personal power again.”

“Recently I left a “safe” relationship and moved into my own apartment. I didn’t realize that I had stayed all of those years because I felt protected. Even though there was no future for us, I stayed because I was too afraid of being on my own. My (non-trauma) therapist was stunned to learn that I walk around on a daily basis expecting to be attacked. It took me over a year to tell her. I am hyper-vigilant, and “jump” at the slightest noise. I hate parking lots and the dark. I didn’t really realize how I live my life in a constant state of fight or flight. When a stranger approaches me I freeze. I am afraid to use my voice and ever the people pleaser, find myself not wanting to hurt people’s feelings. I know it is crazy. I don’t like to drive or walk at night and I have been sleeping on my couch with all the lights on since moving into my own place. It is like being a prisoner in my own home. When someone walks by my door I flinch. And I “catastrophize” each encounter imagining that I will be raped or hurt.

“I have to admit I am utterly terrified to do the IMPACT training. I know it involves using our voices, and also being confronted with real life attack situations. In essence this is me facing my worst fear. I have no idea how to fight back and I think I am a target because I am so nice and approachable. It makes me distrust all men, even the ones that mean no harm.

“I can’t afford to do the IMPACT training, which is why I am applying for the scholarship. I know it will change my life forever. I know it is one of the last pieces to the puzzle that I need to move forward and to live a real and full, authentic life. The scholarship would somewhat force me to do what I need to do. To face these fears once and for all and conquer them so that I can help other women who go through this. I one day hope to speak at schools and institutions, and to help others see they are not alone.

“I intend to defy the odds of my physical and mental handicaps and move beyond them, finding my voice and inner power that I know is in there somewhere. If you would extend the gift of a scholarship to me, I would be beyond grateful. And I would of course be happy to write about the IMPACT program and speak on it’s behalf to help other girls and women find their personal power. There is a feisty confidant woman somewhere deep down inside me. I just need help finding her again.”

Needless to say, we were in tears by the time we finished reading her application and were honored to offer her a full scholarship. Help us help more women like Maria. Chances are you know someone with a story like hers.