There are many ways you can support IMPACT.

  • Yelp about us! IMPACT is a word-of-mouth business and we depend on you sharing about your experience to keep us vital.
  • Join our Facebook Group to keep up on events, class updates and grad discussions.
  • Consider a position on one of our committees or on our board. We are run on the enthusiasm of people like you who are passionate about their IMPACT experience and want to give back and pass it on to others.
  • Train to be a class assistant or instructor. All the instructors who inspired you over the course of this class started out as Basics grads like you. Join our team!
  • Switch your default search engine to Good Search. Take a moment to designate IMPACT Personal Safety, Los Angeles as your charity of choice and we get a penny for each search you do. It adds up! We got over five bucks in the first week with only three of us doing it. Imagine if all our hundred grads switched!
  • Share your success story with us! The irony is most of our grads never need their physical skills. Still we get lots of success stories – physical, verbal and simple intuition/awareness – which we love to share. Tell us how IMPACT shifts how you deal with stuff in your life. Your story can help inspire another woman to take this class.
  • Shop! You can help IMPACT raise money while you shop at Ralph’s. They’ll give us 1 – 4% of all your purchases!

    * Be sure to have your Ralph’s REWARDS card handy and register your card for IMPACT at Ralph’s.
    * If you don’t have one, Ralph’s REWARDS cards are available at the customer service desk at any Ralph’s.
    * Click on Services, Community Contributions, enroll
    * Most participants are new online customers, so they must click on GET STARTED,SIGN UP TODAY in the ‘Create An Account’ section.
    * Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to create an account.
    * After you create your online account, then link your account with your organization by editing your Community Contribution Information on your profile page (our organization is 93265)
    * Now, view your profile including your organization participation.
    * REMEMBER, purchases will not count for your IMPACT until after you register your card(s).
    * Do you use your phone number at the register? Call 800-660-9003 to get your REWARDS card number.
    * Members must swipe their registered Ralph’s REWARDS card or use the phone number that is linked to their registered Ralph’s REWARDS card when shopping for each purchase to count.