Women’s Advanced Course

After Basics, our students had more “what if” questions. What if I can’t see when I’m attacked? What if I’m with my partner? What if there are several assailants? We expanded our curriculum to address these questions. Our research to develop these solutions is unique in the industry and the source of our cutting-edge programs.

Women Only – Prerequisite: Basics and instructor sign-off

This 12-hour class is a new curriculum with a new format and a reduced rate!

You’ll work on taking your adrenaline management skills to a higher level by reviewing Basics techniques and building on them with some of our favorite, “fun in that IMPACT kind of way” fight scenarios. Because 80% of rapes are committed by someone the woman knows, you’ll delve deeper into how to deal with “familiars” with “mid-level dissuasions.” You’ll up the ante with reversals by adding sheets, blankets and pillows you have to deal with in order to land a good strike. You’ll learn what to do to protect someone else and how to be an active bystander. You’ll answer the question: what if I’m attacked in a small space? with our “elevator fights,” and most thrilling of all: what if I can’t see? That’s right, Jedi, you’ll discover you don’t need your vision in order to have a successful fight.

Three 4-hour sessions over three weeks.

Defense Against the Armed Assailant (aka Weapons Class) – October, 2017 class is Co-Ed!

Prerequisite: Women’s or Men’s Basics and instructor sign-off

This course takes your adrenaline management skills to their peak. Building on skills learned in Basics and Advanced, you’ll learn how to successfully negotiate with and, if you have to, physically subdue an assailant wielding a gun, knife or club. We demystify the hype around weapons and deal with the psychology of why an assailant chooses what he chooses. You’ll gain a peaceful sense of being able to handle yourself and make smart choices about whatever danger or threats may come your way.

Six 3.5-hour sessions over six weeks.

Partners (Open to women and men)

Prerequisite: Women’s or Men’s Basics

What if you are with a friend, co-worker or loved one when you’re attacked? This course trains the two of you to work as a strategic team for dealing with a single or multiple attackers. You’ll learn how to deal with aggressors on the street as well as home invasion scenarios. You’ll work on taking the lead as well as taking the back-up position who must function as lookout for safety and support person for the lead fighter. A fascinating look at the psychology of violence as well as you as a part of a team versus as a lone defender.

Defense Against Multiple Assailants (Women only)

Prerequisite: Basics and Advanced or Basics twice with instructor sign-off

You’ve dealt with what to do with several assailants in Basics. What if it’s up to five guys at once? You’ll learn about the psychology of groups and violence and as well as how to strategize to successfully deal with a hostile group.

Six 3.5-hour sessions over six weeks.


New Curriculum!

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Women's Advanced Courses

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Date/Time: Saturday/Sunday, October 13 & 14
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