What To Expect


IMPACT changes lives. Taking charge of your own personal safety is hugely empowering. Once you believe that your life is worth fighting for, and that you have the right to live a safe and violence-free life, a transformation can occur in the way you approach life.
  • A safe space to learn. We know even committing to the class can be a huge challenge for some students. Many of our students are recovering from assault. We create a judgment-free, supportive community in each and every class.
  • Real-world physical self-defense skills for a wide variety of “worst fear” scenarios. After Basics, you will be able to fight your way out of being grabbed from behind, pinned to the ground, and confronted head on.
  • A new understanding of your power. Many students have never done physical things let alone hit an object with their full power. Once you know you can fight for your life and win, the way you carry yourself, value yourself and interact with others shifts.
  • Verbal skills and healthy boundary-setting. Thanks to their new confidence, most students report not needing their physical skills but using their verbal skills all the time to do much more than talk their way out of danger. They face hard talks with family, negotiate that raise with an intimidating boss, and speak up in ways they wouldn’t have prior to class.
  • Intuition and awareness skills. You’ll see simple ways you can move through the world more safety and have a new relationship with trusting your instincts. You were given them for your survival!
  • Skills that stick with you. Because our adrenaline state training creates instant muscle memory, the skills stay in your body for the rest of your life – like riding a bike. That rape defense seminar you took? The skills were gone the moment you left the classroom.
  • Adrenaline/fear management skills that open up your life in unpredictable ways. We hear from students that tried a scary new sport, did better on a big test or calmly managed an accident site. How will IMPACT change your life?

Setting Boundaries

A boundary is a line that marks or fixes a limit. Boundaries can be physical, verbal, mental or emotional. You have the right to set limits with people and to ask for what you want. Setting boundaries is about saying “no” when you mean no and “yes” when you mean yes.

Good communication and boundary-setting skills are the foundation for personal safety.

Improving your communication abilities makes it less likely that you will ever be selected for an assault. Just as you have the right to defend yourself from physical attack, you have the right to defend yourself from verbal assault, emotional abuse, and uncomfortable behavior. Setting boundaries means protecting both your physical safe zone and your emotional safe zone.

Boundary-setting skills include learning how to:

  • Identify, communicate and enforce our boundaries
  • Read a situation and make quick and appropriate responses
  • Problem-solve and lead ourselves out of trouble while under pressure

Believe it or not, we give you the tools NOT to fight.

Graduates report using verbal boundaries skills virtually every day. These verbal skills become one of the most valuable aspects of the IMPACT training, not only because of how frequently they are used but because of how effective they are. Even those who consider themselves assertive gain a lot from practicing boundary-setting skills in our classes.

IMPACT courses address situations ranging from the day-to-day boundary violation to the worst-case scenario of actual assault. Our classes set up safe simulations reproducing what happens in the “real world.”

Using an integrated mix of physical and verbal skills, our classes are engaging and hands-on. Classes are fluid, interactive, and supportive. Anyone can take IMPACT. We’ve adapted to teach young, old, blind, deaf, mute, physically challenged…we can find a way to teach you!

IMPACT means never having to:

  • Live with the belief that you can’t take care of yourself
  • Tolerate behavior that is unsafe or uncomfortable
  • Limit your movement in the world
  • Feel you are powerless to make choices and take healthy risks
  • Stay in relationships that don’t work

Changing these beliefs can change your life.