We exist because one in three women will be assaulted in her lifetime.

For our grads that drops to one in thirty and that one reports back to us on successfully defending herself.

IMPACT is an organization of women and men working together to end the cycle of violence.

We are the Southern California chapter of International Impact Self-Defense and we’ve been around since 1985 training thousands of women, men and children in simple, effective self-defense and boundary-setting techniques that anyone can do regardless of size, strength, or age. Our students’ confidence and adrenaline management skills on the mat seep into all areas of their lives enabling them to do better on tests, handle stressful meetings, successfully manage family dramas, and myriad other life events where grace under pressure comes in handy.

IMPACT Personal Safety:

  • Uses layered learning and adrenaline state training
  • Is scenario-based, full-force training
  • Is team-taught and female-led
  • Allows students to experience the full potential of their bodies through full-contact fighting
  • Is the only company teaching every assault scenario including bed pins
  • Is its own system of self-defense uniquely developed in response to violence against women
  • Is not a martial art
  • Teaches widely applicable life skills, communication, awareness, risk assessment, and risk reduction
  • Creates a supportive atmosphere where students cheer each other on during their fights rather than the isolation of a one-on-one fight experienced with most martial arts
  • Is designed based on a woman’s unique anatomy and the way they are assaulted
  • Empowers women, children, and men to push their personal limits and challenge societal beliefs
  • Has a staff of experts with years of self-defense training

We’ve combined four decades of expertise of diverse martial artists, FBI and police research on survivors and perpetrators of violent crimes, neurological research, and effective communication techniques in developing our training system. Our highly developed program is designed to provide our students with realistic and useful fighting and speaking skills.